Changing Settings not possible unless logged in?

Is it only possible to change the Settings if you're logged in?  Seems pretty useless if so, as I'll often browse the forum without logging in, but don't want to see pictures in peoples signatures.


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Well you're clearly logged in so why don't you just turn sigs off?  Not hard

Yes of course I can do it now, and have done.  But that wasn't the question was it.

If these Settings will be retained after I log out and visit in future, no problem.

The pictures aren't going to be here for long, don't worry about it.

Hopefully.  If they want to keep them they need to limit the size or something.  I don't mind the pictures in general, but some people have ridiculous ones.

Almost EVERY forums allows signature images, with limited sizes, either in pixels, filesize or both. But the idiot who made this couldn't spell 'conversation'. So I doubt they can limit image sizes.