Changing gamertag problems?

I'm trying to change my gamertag and it wont let me. I tried added the gamertag The name is avaliable and everything. I even went on zune to see if it was taken, but its not. Any ideas as to why I'm not able to change it?


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It depend's to what your changing to. Some Gamertags are off use for X-box Live members.

It has no profanity or anything like that. Pretty annoying every gamertag I think of its taken or this happens...

Well try to add space's or replace letter's with number's. Could you PM me the Gt if you want so I can check it?

[quote user="Mister Gwyther"]I can't change my Gamertag (GT).

Most of the time if you are seeing a message saying the GT you want is unavailable, it’s true. One thing to remember is that spaces and capitalization don’t make your GT unique. For example, “Major Nelson”, “MajorNelson”, and “MaJoRnElSoN” are all the same GT.[/quote]


This is most likely the case with the gamertag you want to acquire. The quote is from here:

I was trying to change it to zDuFF, btu it looks like I'm not going to be able too :/

Haha I appreciate it :) I'm just sitting at the change gamertag thing right now just trying a hoping for a name to come to me. Trying to use the word duff and trying to make it no more than 9 letters long... If you got any ideas that would be cool

Hilarys Duff

^^ Yes!!! That one.

[quote user="Aztec Warrior"]

Hilarys Duff


Duff Miver