Changing gamer pic?

Hey when I go in to change my gamer pic it only gives me certain option like the monkey. I tried the download option but it took me to a bunch of games. Is there a way to download a pic you have on Windows Media Center and make it your gamerpic? Not the most computer savvy guy so any info will be appreciated, thanks!


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Those "games" you're seeing are actually gamer pic packs. Most of them cost money, but I've gotten a lot for free.

Sorry for the problems you are having, there is not a way to take a picture off anything else besides the Xbox marketplace I am sorry to say and the only way to get a picture you want that is not on there is if you have a xbox live vision camera and take a picture of a picture.

You can also get a number of free Gamer Picks from XBox Live Event Registrations.

You can also click on some of those games that come up, many offer free gamer pics. Some cost money, but I find I can usually find free ones if I look around a bit.

Some gamer pics are also unlocked in-games.

Some examples includes Gears of War 2, Pac Man, Doritos Crash Course, etc ...

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I set my gamerpic to one of the pac-man ghosts and when I go to change it. It won't change and I change my personal and public gamerpic or whatever the other one is. Yet it shows the pic I chose but when my friends look at it. It's the ghost still. I don't get it someone please help