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Since the X1 has been out nothing but problems on this site. I hear they are being fixed. but I have ran into another problem with child accounts and changing them to adults. I want to get something for my son and im trying to change he's account to adult using the site, The site keeps converting me to support on the X1 telling me I can't change it using the console.

[EDIT] For to mention I want to but something on the 360 without using he's console as he's playing at the mo.


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I think if you've entered his details correctly all he has to do is turn 18.

Cos I've set he's account so he can't purchase. I want to change it using the site. When I try it, it transfers me to support telling me I can't do it on the X1. When its the 360 I want to do it on.

I see what you mean.


Hope you get sorted out.


Try the "Support" features up above on this site.


The "Web Chat" folks have usually been ok for me.



I find a phone call to Xbox support gets these things sorted very quickly.  Great support service each time I have used it