Changes That Should Be Made to The Xbox One

Here is a list of things that I think should be changed about the Xbox One.


The achievement commenting: Lets be real, do you ever think someone is gonna comment on someones achievement and say, “Wow, fantastic work, keep it up!” for every achievement they get? Xbox is supposed to be for gaming, not for turning it into some sort of social network.


The Controller: I understand that people should get use to the controller, which is no problem. However, the fact that you need an adapter for a generic 3.5mm headset is crazy. This should have been built into the controller from the start, as playstation controllers already have this built in, and it would be more convenient in general. Whatever port was originally designed for the controller for headsets nobody seems to be using, and headsets that do use those ports don’t work very well. People should be able to use headsets that they already have in their house without having to buy an adapter.


Friend Notifications: I found that the most annoying thing was when I was not able to see when my friends would go online. I would have to manually set all of them to a favorite, just to see when they are online. I later found out that there was an option to have everyone be set to favorites (Which would have saved me some time) but this should be a thing by default. There shouldn’t be any “favorite” option on the Xbox One, it should have everyones notifications on, but have the option to disable certain friends notifications.


Party Chat/Messages: It takes forever to start parties, yet alone send messages. I understand that a fix for this should be out in the near future, but I mean its been 2 years, and it still hasn’t been fixed? Also, when an Xbox 360 user sends an Xbox One user a message, their voice sounds like static and muffled, this should be fixed.


Microphones With Kinect: I don’t know how many times I have had to mute somebody in game chat for using their Kinect as a microphone. People don’t want to hear someone yelling across the room and their TV at full blast, the quality just isn’t up to standards. The Kinect still needs a microphone for voice commands and such, but I feel like the microphone should be disabled for game and party communications. People would be able to use a regular microphone if there was a 3.5mm jack built into the controller, instead of using a Kinect with a horrible quality and inconvenient microphone.


Muting people in party/game chat: One thing that I don’t like (and this is my personal preference, I don’t know if all people will agree with this) is that when you mute somebody, you can’t hear them, but they can hear you. I think people mute someone is so they can’t hear the other person, and the other person can’t hear them. Having it so that the player that was muted can still hear the person that muted them takes away the whole point of muting somebody.


Controller Updates: Controller updates? Really? To most people that may seem very pointless, however I understand how it makes sense to have them. But the problem is, many people don’t know that they NEED to update their controller. I say that the controller updates should be enabled automatically, and that they should be updated wirelessly, as some people don’t have micro usb cables to plug into their Xbox to update their controllers.


Power Settings: Another problem I noticed is that the Xbox seems to STAY on after I choose to turn it off. Having you resume where you left off on whatever game after you shut off your console may seem convenient, however it is a waste of power. People who choose to turn off their console want it to STAY OFF, not be running in a “standby” mode. The power saving mode should be enabled by default (Or some type of shutdown mode equivalent to it), however this standby mode should still be an option that you can enable in the settings.


Controller Disconnecting: I like how you get notifications when your controller battery is getting low, that’s pretty smart. However, one thing I don’t like is that when you have your console on the default power mode, and you try to turn on your controller when the battery is at 22%, but it wont connect. That does not seem to make any sense to me. I don’t know why it does that, but it should be fixed.


Dashboard Themes: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not sure if there are themes for the Xbox One Dashboard. Yes, you can set custom images as one, but can you actually buy them? Also, are you still able to buy gamer pictures?


Party Chat Sound Quality: The quality of party chat sound isn’t bad, but cmon. Its 2015, the quality should be at least as good as Skype’s quality, I don’t see why this hasn’t come into effect.


Xbox Marketplace Costs: Now I know that most of this is up to third party developers, but the costs of games can get really high after a game has been out for a year or so. For example, Call of Duty: Black Ops II is $60 on the Xbox Marketplace for the Xbox 360, but I could go get it for $25 on disk! I know that the cost should be increased a bit because the game is digital, but not by $35. You may want to talk to third party developers about this as it is their choice, but maybe you should do this with Microsoft’s first party games, such as Halo.


Notifications: Notifications seem to appear slower on the Xbox One, there should be an option to make them appear faster.


Notification Tab: There is a tab for notifications in the top left of the Xbox. I’m not sure how I can make it so that I can mark them as read, because after I see them, they still show up in that notifications tab.


Friends: The Xbox Friends should be like it was on the 360, you send a friend request, and the other person has to accept it. I don’t really like how you can “follow” people, trying to make it seem like some sort of social network that isn’t appealing to anybody. I think that the friends should be like they were on the 360.


Dashboard: Again, this may not apply to everybody, but I feel that the dashboard is too confusing. I understand that it takes time to get use to it after using the 360 dashboard for so long, but I feel that it is just confusing in general. There should be an option to have a 360 equivalent dashboard, or multiple options to change how the dashboard works.


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Half of this stuff is already in place, but you're obviously not going into 'Settings' and utilizing it.  A quarter of this stuff is not a MS specific thing, but something that would need to be implemented by devs/pubs of the individual games.  Some of the stuff shouldn't even be bothering you.... you listed the ability to post comments in the activity feed as your #1 beef with the One.  While I personally don't write comments, I have no problems with the Xbox One being more of a social hub.  People constantly meet others online and this is just another way for them to interact.

Almost all of these problems are fixed now dude.

I had said that some of this stuff were things that third party developers needed to fix/improve. Personally, I don't see why the xbox one should be turned into a social network, as people are using it for gaming purposes. I suppose it is another way to interract, but I prefer how the 360 friend system worked instead of the one. Yes, some of these can be enabled or changed in the settings for ease of use, but they should be enabled BY DEFAULT for an easier and more efficient experience. Also, an option that would be helpful would be to be able to adjust how loud the game and chat sound is in the settings. I keep having to guess at how loud my voice and game chat volume is :/

I can't help myself when I see people that seem to have put a lot of thought into a post for improvements, even if they are already implemented. OP next time put the feedback here:  

Thanks, I was wondering where else I could put my feedback :)

Oh good, I have to admit that I feel annoying posting that sometimes, so glad it was needed!

Ability to turn off the Vibration, this POS controller already sucks batteries down like crack hits.

Better UI navigation, half the time I close or open something without meaning to, plus its ugly.

Id like them to make the UI more like xbox 360. And for there to be better differentiation between your friends and followers they should be on two separate lists. Kinect is fun but older people who are like 30+ which isnt me, may not like us using our kinects. The xb1 kinect has better hardware than xb360's kinect. And roll out a chat pad. But other than that, microsoft has brought back most of the missing features like voice messages and change background. I use photos recorded from my phone and camcorder as my background. You can even images google search for a favourite pic put it on usb from your pc and add it to your console dash background.


Hello everyone  :)


There is still no option to let users turn off all controller vibrations in the Preferences Set-Up of the Xbox One.

If this is so hard for Microsoft to implement this option, why doesn't Microsoft simply change their policy requirement from developers by REQUIRING them to make the option to turn them off a standard practice?


Have a nice day or afternoon or night everyone  :)


Deadfall..... Use better batteries! Me and my son use rechargeable energizers and get 20+ hours out of each charge.

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