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So over a month ago this started with the release of some ToU and it asked for the parent account to accept these terms, however my parent account was deleted, and I forgot about promoting my account to adult, so it became an Orphan account, so I called up Mircosoft to help me with this problem, at first I thought oh, okay this person is helpful and looks like they can help me, so I did what they told me to do, and I waited the 2 weeks, and they called me back, and guess what, they MESSED IT UP, apparently the people who were suppose to fix it did not understand what was needed of them and they assumed it was just a password problem so I got an email stating that hey, you got this link now to reset your password, now I was annoyed. So I called back to Microsoft explaining my problem and after calling back 3 times getting disconnected twice and having a worker be super rude to me I finally just asked for a supervisor and he sounded like he could have this problem fixed, so after talking and explaining my problem yet again, he sent it off to the guys who could supposedly fix it this time, but he told me oh you have to wait another 2 weeks, well I did and then I got an email saying basically the same thing as before, so now rather ticked off I called yet again immediately asking for a supervisor, well I got helped by this guy of the name Fred and he went out of his way to solve my problem he said last week Friday it should be fixed by Tuesday and he called me on Tuesday and asked if it was well it wasn't, but today it was finally, over a month of problems and miscommunication on Microsofts end my problem got fixed, however what bothers me in al this was how I was compensated for this, the first time they screwed this up I was given a 3 month token, after the other 2 weeks, I received nothing for my time, and my point in this is saying, I am paying for a service I am not receiving so, I ask of Microsoft to compensate me more greatly with this time than with just Live extensions. I am extremely disappointed in much of the help there, with the rudeness and constantly getting disconnected and also having to talk to people at the support centers that do not know what they are doing half of the time.....I expect more out of a high-end company like this. So Microsoft, how will you compensate me for all my time wasted on hold and lost time on Live, that is being paid for and not using it because of this issue?

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They gave you a 3 month token for the time you had to wait.  Granted, you waited a little longer to get this fixed than expected (a little over a month) but got an extra 2 months out of the deal.

They are not required to compensate for issues like this and it does seem as though you did come out ahead.

However, this is not the place to demand compensation.  Once again, you're going to have to contact phone support and argue your case to them.