Champion Jockey

Is anyone with Kinect getting this?    Look how much fun the guy is having.




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Looks like something i do to my lady friend now and again

Cruel 'sport'! I'd like to force those 4 foot 10 flat chested nerds, to carry me around on their backs whilst risk breaking their own necks.

Actually horses love running so stop crying, and as for the jockeys they are small and weigh light as a feather for a reason so they don't damage the horse and i don't even like horse racing.

I didn't say they didn't like running. But they don't like falling over and having to be put to sleep, which is what happens in this pointless 'sport'. I also noted the fact that they're skinny nerds, so you didn't need to tell me. Racist...

Had G1 jockey back in the days of the PS2 was actually pretty good doesn't look like much has changed,,,,also the guy in the video looks like e's doing some sort of awkward dance haha

I would put you down if i had the choice Carano

Lol. You're as useful as Kimbo Slice in butterfly guard.

Carano your posts make no sense MAN. Why these nerds gotta be flat chested? As opposed to what, boobs?

Total buy for me, not sure which system yet though as it's also Move compatible.