Champion Jockey and Gallop Racer

Hey All,

I brought this game recently and I am loving it, but I was wondering if anyone had it as I would like to play it online but cant find anyone else who plays it.



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hi i got the game but find it hard, cant even get placed in a race lol

I want to but this but a little confused as to what part I need to download, can someone tell me?

you need to download the champion code to be able to play online but there is nothing else to download to play the game, but there is 2 dlc for it now I found it easier to play using the normal control pad and i would suggest playing the game on the easy until you get used to the game that is what i did now i playing it on the normal setting

Anyone still playing Champion Jockey at all? Or the online mode? I've ran into all of 2 people online. I wasn't expecting it to be that dead. O_o

yeah i still play it Eponya but have not played it for a long time now

maybe there woud be more people online if they woud  release this game in the US... come on release   this game in the us im still playing gallop racer 2005!!!!

eponya if you someone to play this game online with, send me a message when you see me online and i will give you a few races.

Where oh where can I get this??  The only copies I can find online are PAL.  If anyone has a copy for Kinect and you're done with it, I'll buy.

hi, i dont know if your message is valuabale anymore but im first on the leaderboard from far, not seeing a good challenger for a very long time

Ive got it won a few races ill give u a race lol.  Just add me mate.