CEX/Game Price match

does anyone know what proof of trade in price that Game will accept against CEX?


I'm looking at trading some stuff in tomorrow at Game (as I want some MS points) and there's 2 CEX's near the store I'll be going to... will they accept print outs from the CEX website for example?


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as long as they have the date on and the the location of the shop.gamestation always price match too.

yeah i'm finding Gamestation are around the same price as Game lately so potato/patarto and all that... just trying to find out what they'll take as proof of CEX's trade in prices as I'm sure CEX won't write down there prices for me!

I thought that Gamesstation were brought out by Game a while back? If this is true that would explain the trade in prices.

yeah they're basically the same.. i think they have some different deals maybe ... they seem to be the "edgier" of the two..their website has pictures of kids with mohawks and goths... basically if the film "Hackers" was made now it'd consist of Gamestation staff...  so does anyone actually know what Game will accept as trade in proof from CEX??

You walk into Grainger Games and  trade in and the guy is on the Computer looking at the CEX website.


They then beat that trade in price by a pound.


This is why GAME are having to price match CEX.


The next time GAME query a price give them the telephone number or better yet, just pull up the site on your iphone.



I'm not technological enough to have an iphone..or any kind of smart phone... i'm a luddite where phones are concerned... so I can't just walk in with website print outs or anything?

My Local Game does take screen print outs of trade in prices....my local gamestation, as its opposite both a HMV and CEX will actually send a staff member over to verify any prices you find in those stores. It will probably be determined on the policy of the individual store really

ah thank you... the CEX is sort of round the corner from both Game stores in the Arndale so i'll risk the print outs

Good luck...if you can find the direct number to your store maybe you can give them a call and get a heads up before going in?

I remember a few regulars have said that they just print off a copy from their site and present it in GAME.

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