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Hey, not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I was just wondering if Microsoft was thinking of adding CD Ripping to the hard-drive. I have a lot of CDs I'd love to listen to while I play games. If I didn't see an answer to this somewhere else, sorry, I was browsing around, couldn't find much info on it. Thanks!


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I'd also be pretty happy with them just adding Spotify or something. I'd prefer to have the music installed on the hard-drive and not to have to snap it to listen to music but I'm not gonna be picky with it.

I can't even remember the last time I actually used a cd or even a dvd for that matter even my One hasn't seen a disc yet,digital is just so much more convenient

Yeah, I use a flash drive at the min. I just prefer to have all my music installed on the xbox, don't like to stream because it never seems to be a flawless experience like playing the music from the actual xbox. Kind of the same with the flash drive, it works of 99% of the time, you do get the odd occasion where it'll stop playing though. Playing music direct from the OG xbox and 360 always worked flawlessly for me.

I game all my music on a flash drive plugged into the side port. SanDisk 16Gb 2.0. Works great and don't have to fill my drive.

why not rip them to your PC and stream to your XB with Play To.. just note we do not have background music yet.. so the music player will need to be snapped

Unfortunately, people like us who own a lot of CD's seem to be a minority on here. Yes, I'd like it a lot, will they make hit happen? Dunno. Your best to go to the user voice site and vote for it.

You never know.