Caution: Possibly scam email

A fellow gamer told me today that he received an email from XBOX claiming that his credit card was needing to be updated and to provide new credit card information. Be careful and be cautious of any email pretending to be Microsoft. That is pretty much all the information I have on this.


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The Lack of information maybe the issue.....  Credit cards do expire.    I agree though--- NEVER give personal information out to other gamers or emails.

Microsoft do not inform you when a card is about to expire or already has,they just suspend the account when they can`t get their money.

No, actually they do send emails stating that the credit card is about to expire, or has expired, and that if you don't update the credit card, it could potentially cause interruptions in service.  These emails will ask that you go to a Microsoft billing website to update your credit card details, but they'll never ask you to respond to the email.  The best thing you can do in this situation is to close the email, don't click any links from it.  Just go to, and click on Manage Payment Options.  You can update your credit card info if it needs it.

The best thing TO DO is to check your account on a regular basis, and keep in touch with your card.  Unless the page is certified legit, DON"T GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFO OF ANY KIND!

I don't see where it was specified that they ask you to email your credit card info back; it could be to go to a phishing site to enter it like how many of these scams work.  An address that looks similar to a microsoft address designed to fool someone not paying attention and linking a website domain that looks similar and has a duplicate front page is often the method I see when people are trying to do this.


As I said, I don't see a confirmation that the email specifically asks you to type credit card information in a reply, so I will just go ahead and say in case this is what is going on, do not click any links in an email like that either.  You should just go to yourself to ensure you are going to the correct site before entering any personal/account information any time you ever get emails purporting to be from Microsoft or XBox.

You can also update any account information through the console........   Sorry OWEN that is simply not true,  Klokk is correct.