Catherine - UK Release

Does anyone have any concrete dates for a UK release of "Catherine"?


I had seen July 2011 bandied about but I don't seem to be able to find it on any online gameshops.






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Currently, only U.S. will get the game in the West. However, Atlus has not come out with any statement that they'll never release Catherine in Europe and Australia. Atlus does not have an European branch, if you didn't know. But if we're lucky, another publisher might release the game here in Europe and Australia, just like how 3D Dot Game Heroes was.

But if you have a PS3, go import Catherine. That's what I did.

That's a shame unless they just save themselves some effort and make the US version region free.


Some of the MLB titles have been released that way.



I emailed Atlus about 2 months ago and had a nice reply stating that unfortunately there were no current UK release plans.


Since then, however, rumours are abound on the 'tinterweb regarding a possible Winter UK release. Apparently, someone at Atlus recently tweeted as much.


The last but one issue of OXM Magazine had a small box-out listing a July release but I think they were getting confused with the American release date.


Really hope we get Catherine - it's had some amazing reviews.

European release confirmed - just posted DigitalSpy story on General Discussion.

Links links links!


That's awesome news.


A friend of mine said Deep Silver might pick it up for Europe.



Looks like fun :)