Casual Adult Gaming Community - 360° Fahrenheit

  • Community Name:
    360° Fahrenheit Gaming Community


  • Community Age Group:
    Must be 18 or older.  The older the better. 



  • Games We Play:
    Any game you want to play.    Recruit a friend (or posse) any day of the week in the Co-op, Friends & Challenges board.  A great resource for achievement hunting, or simply to find a helping hand.

    Play with everyone during our official Community Game Night, hosted every Friday.  Game choices are democratically selected by community members through a majority vote.  Popular game choices include
    • Battlefield (series)
    • Duke Nukem (series)
    • Full House Poker
    • Gears of War (series)
    • Halo (series)
    • Hydro Thunder Hurricane
    • Marvel vs. Capcom (series)
    • ... and more!


  • Community Ranking / Skill Requirements (if you have any):
    All skill levels are welcome.  Members are not judged or discriminated by gaming prowess.  Skilled members enjoy helping others.


  • Community Rules (if any):
    Respect for others and respect for yourself.  360° Fahrenheit is a "SFW" (safe-for-work) community website.  For more info, visit our FAQ.


  • Why Should I Join 360° Fahrenheit?:
    360° Fahrenheit is an international, English-speaking community (UK, US, Canada, Ireland, etc.) created as a home for adult gamers to play friendly, non-competitive matches for fun and stress relief.  Many members have families, full-time jobs, and various 'real-life' responsibilties making it increasingly difficult to find time to play.  360° Fahrenheit serves as a means to connect with other adult gamers in need of a safe and friendly gaming outlet.


  • How do I Join 360° Fahrenheit?:
    Simply register at  We look forward to gaming with you. 



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Great community of people.  Always people around for fun and a friendly game, I was/still a member of here, just cannot commit alot of time to them.

Again though amazing group of people :)

That's one of the things I love most about it.  You can participate as much, or as little as you want.  Unlike a lot of other groups, members aren't required to do anything to be a part of the community.

Life gives us enough responsibilities.  Gaming shouldn't be one of them.
Twitter @360DF

Halo: Reach is tonight's top pick.  The fun starts at 9:30 GMT / 4:30 EST.
Twitter @360DF

Looking forward to blasting some Reach tonight.

Gears of War 2 won the vote for tonight's Community Game Night.  I look forward to being killed ... a lot.
Twitter @360DF

Great fun playing Gears last night. Just wish that Gears 3 would hurry up and get released. lol

Voting is open for our Friday game night. Come and see if there is anything you would like to play.

Halo Reach won this weeks poll, sign up here for a 10:30 (GMT) start. is experiencing very slow loading due to server maintenance.  Everything should be back to normal by tomorrow.
Twitter @360DF

Red Dead Redemption and Halo: Reach are now tied for tomorrow's Community Game Night vote.  Anyone want to break that tie?
Twitter @360DF

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