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I guess it doesn't really matter but just something I've kind of wondered every since launch haha.
Is there like an actual reason why they decided to put the disc on the left side of the cases for Xbox One games lol?

Probably just cosmetic to be "different" lol but it still just looks kinda awkward to me xD


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I know its weird, but I'm used to it more and like it more because I'm left handed :)

Hmm see i'm right handed and i also prefer it ;), open the box with my left, remove the disc with my right... not sure the reason for the change though, something to do with box rigidity maybe?

Or they just wanted to be different :P

isnt the disc on left side of 360 and also on the PS4 as well?

^PS4 yes 360 no.

I believe it is so they show you the T&C's where the disc used to be as we dont get instruction books anymore.

Lefty here too but I use no discs.

To me it looks natural this way.

Its jut a honest box (:

My Slim did always lay on the side and the tray is also left. 

My Xbox lays lays cause thats its natural look to me 

I've found if you hold them in front of a mirror they actually look normal... to me. :)

Just to correct myself ps4 is on the right. Only the XO has them on the left.

Cause only Xbox speaks 010 correct (;