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Hi all


Put this on today, and im running around shootin stuff, and i have run out of ammo, how i locate and reload the main gun you at the start of the game, i have consulted the indtrucyion booklet without success !!!


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Probably not that many people on here have that game.


You might be better off seeking informatin at or


Both of these are safe site and many other Forum Members from here are also members on these sites.


Their Forums have Game Specific sections that you should be able to either find an answer to the question in, or ask the question and get a reply without having to wait too long.


Another good source of information is


They often have walkthroughs where they will describe what to do (reloading the main gun sounds like it's got to be one of them).


Finally you could try searching for some Youtube "Walkthrougs".  Here you'll see people playing the game and through a little "monkey see & monkey do" you can often sort out what you need to achieve yourself.


Hope some of this is helpful.



Az, pretty much covered it there, nice post mate.

Only extra I will add is checking the Official Forums

I was put off getting it when I read it was only single-player.

Ammo for the walrus can be found by looking at the mini map and locating an ammo dump,just drive up to it and it reloads automatic or you can dock with carrier and that re-arms,the mantas have to be docked to carrier to re-arm,ammo for the foot soldier has to be picked up off dead enemies. hope that helped.