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hi, i bought the $49 car pack and  the $20 vip status thingy...where are the cars? they are not in "my cars" i have looked all over the site and i found where it says they are installed? i was looking forward to painting and upgrading and driving all the different cars. how do i get them into "my cars" so i can have some fun and do that? i am an old guy (67) not much knowledge on computers and games, i just like to race and have fun. thanks randy, aka "WhizzerBike"


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You still have to buy them with in game credits

huh? so i spent $70 for them and still have to re-buy them with game credits to get them in my garage...that, plain and simple, seems to be a rip-off. so i paid all that money just to have the ability to buy them again with, i am dumb founded and feel really stupid and taken for a ride. what's your opinion on them car pac's and vip status thing? i guess i really didn't understand nor read the fine print when i pushed the buy button. my bad, or is there any other benefits i may have for the money i spent. thanks, randy and you, mr. pkvas, have a nice day and thanks again for a reply...any more info appreciated

The description should have told you that you still had to buy them in the game.  People that don't have the car pack or VIP will never be able to use those cars at all, so it wasn't for nothing.

thats why they give you 1200 tokens, so you can buy all the cars. The VIP cars, the Dayone Cars, you just wont get the Limited edition cars.  Be aware that there are also issues with the VIP status, like myself, bought the 80$ LE on day one, I havent gotten the tokens or even have the cars for sale.

I did get my tokens took a few days though

nice setup, 100" screen and all. i do feel better now, i just didn't understand that i was buying access to the cars. oh well, it is a great (best) racing game i have played. i am thinking of buying the thrustmaster wheel for forza5, my worry though is i spend the money and find the other, madcatz, wheel to be superior when it comes out. i am spoiled with my ps3 and logitec wheel set up and am worried the force feed back won't be as good as the ps3 set up. thanks for the reply, randy  

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