Captain America Super Soldier

Inspired by VOTE DC's Green Lantern thread which thanks to the Marvels (see what i did there) of this forum I am unable to post in,  cant reply to any posts in fact.

I would say if your avoiding Captain America as its a movie tie in kinda title, dont it actually rather good.   Good combat some easy but rather enjoyable platforming, good variety of enemies a surprisingly good story, good voice acting and good use of characters from the Captain America world.  I got it as a free rental and was highly dubious but its really surprised me as to how enjoyable it is.   Finished it last night and you can carry on exploring the map afterwards for collectibles and other combat opportunities that may have been missed by taking alternate routes on the first playthrough.   One of the best games i have picked during the summer drought.

 if you liked Batman Arkham Asylum chances are this is for you

(by the way if anyone can PM me a fix for not being able to reply to posts that would be great, but im on a work PC and its heavily locked down so prob not a lot i can do about it)


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Yep, I'm find it a fun experience as well. Genuinely surprising.

The movie was crap. Way too many dull superhero bores out atm.

I liked the movie. I might get this when I get some money.

Thought this game was really good; well worth the rental!

Yeh best movie game I had played in a very long time, really like the flow of combat

is it more fun than wolverine?

I have it fantastic game and fantastic film ! Best film game adaptation I've seen and played