CAPCOM: Rethinking DLC Policy...They are Listening

Capcom has announced it is ‘re-evaluating’ how much on-disc downloadable content it will be creating in future. On the company’s official blog, senior vice president Christian Svensson explained they have been listening to player complaints.

He said, “We would like to assure you that we have been listening to your comments and as such have begun the process of re-evaluating how such additional game content is delivered in the future.

“As this process has only just commenced in the past month or so, there will be some titles, where development began some time ago and that are scheduled for release in the coming months, for which we are unable to make changes to the way some of their post release content is delivered.”

Dragon’s Dogma is confirmed as being one such title with some, but not all, of the game’s additional content found on the disc.  Despite this, Svensson speculates people choosing to pass on the bonus quests and weapons can still expect to be occupied for around 100 hours if they attempt everything.

He concluded by saying, “Just wanted people to know in advance the whys, wherefores and where we're going in the future. You are being heard. Thanks.”

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I know so many Capcom fans felt betrayed by Capcoms recent actions with how DLC was handled, prevented me picking up Streetfighter X Tekken. To me all this means is that Capcom will simply remove the extra content from the disc, so fans will still get limited content on release and have to buy the rest months down the road...not sure having to actually download that content rather then it being on the disc will appease fans 


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All I can see them doing is taking what would be disk locked content out of the game completely now and selling it as 'DLC'.

Capcom are completely shady and worse than both EA and Activision.

My issue is the pricing costumes mostly waste of 400 msp ea are on par for me with their season passes for games that die quick

I myself don't have a problem with day 1 DLC, as it can be worked on in tangent, so people don't lose jobs when they are finishing up the main game. The can't be much time difference between the deadline to  'print' the disk compared to the time Microsoft take to approve DLC.

Big difference between a season pass (oh and by the way big news flash here buddy but they arent the only ones to offer a season pass) and locked content on the disc which quires further invest to unlock.

"Gonna Take You For A Ride"!


And they did.


Glad to see I wasn't the only person voting with my wallet when it came to the prospect of "Street Fighter vs Common Sense XXX".



no not really because you don't have to buy dlc

Good to hear this. People finally voted with their wallet for once and it had an effect. SFxT sales were a huge disappointment for Capcom and I'd imagine that the DLC sold crap as well. I agree with above that they'll probably just hold stuff back anyway and release it for download but at least this is a baby step in the right direction.

But all it means is that was simply put on the game disc will now be made downloadable....might as well just make the games downloadable as well and save on disc manufacturing

This subject was also mentioned in this video, from 1 min 45 onwards. It seems that no one is really taking this statement seriously as it doesn't actually tell us what we want to hear. Seems they are just going to think of a different way to take you for a ride!


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