Capcom Captivate 2012 News - Resident Evil 6 and Lost Planet 3

Some news and trailers leaking out of Captivate 2012. Resident Evil 6 has a new trailer (posted further down) that reveals that the girl many thought to be Ashley Williams (from RE4) is infact Sherry Birkin, and it seems Ada Wong returns, and we see Leon vs Chris!! RE6 also has a new release date of October 2nd.

A Lost Planet 3 trailer was revealed too and it's being made by Spark Unlimited (who were rumoured to be working on Star Wars Battlefront 3)

RE6 Trailer (italian subtitles, but everything else is in english)

Lost Planet 3 Trailer (again italian subtitles):


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Ah posted something already but here the DMC vid [View:]

Oh bugger, you posted yours when I was making this thread. Sorry mate. Thanks for the DmC vid though.

don't worry yours is the better topic never thought of putting them in one topic lol

DmC looks surprisingly un-terrible. Although apparently the developers have pretty much admitted it wont be anywhere near as technical and challenging as a game like DMC3 or Bayonetta. But whatever, it'll do. Not so sure about the 30FPS framerate though. DMC has always ran extremely smooth.


It also looks very red. Probably the redest game I've ever seen. Hitler youth haircuts also seem to be the in-thing now.

Loved Lost Planet 1 was one of my first and favorite multiplayer and single player 360 games the second was a let down so im glad to see them going back to right roots with this, quite apprehensive about the open world but interesting.

Resident Evil sounds great and really been a fan of series and 3 campaigns here's hope there lenghty