Can't decide what to do

Hello people, at the moment, I have saved up reasonable a lot amount of money. I am heavily interested into couple of many games. I am only gonna buy one of these games. Also my friend is willing to sell Fallout New vegas for £15, is that a good deal? I am gonna buy only one game out of the list, so dont recommend me over 1!!!


I am interested in:


Transformers Dark of the moon

Portal 2

L.A Noire

Dirt 3


Or shall I buy fallout new vegas off my mate?


Thanks in advance.





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I bet the transformers game sucks.

I know one thing, your mate will be ripping you off. £15 for used copy! off a friend! <.< new copy £9.99 (great value)

For game value time fallout (if you like that type of game) is great.

It's up to you what you buy in the end. I enjoyed but whitewashed la noire (bar 1-2 retail achievs left) and got rid of it when gamestation had it as trade in of the week (35 quid + 5 in reward points lol) I'm rebuying it when it comes down which it is and will do.

I'm wanting to play portal 2 thou awaiting the magical 17.99 < price for it.

Buy NV off play for a tenner and wait for the other games to come down abit more.

sure you dont need live or some points or are you pm'ing people for that still?

MJS, Please don't post immature things or off-topic on my threads. If you're gonna answer my thread, please do.

i dont see anything immature i see a valid question thats allowing the fair users of this forum to brace themselves should history repeat itself

[quote user="WorstedOrphan"]

MJS, Please don't post immature things or off-topic on my threads. If you're gonna answer my thread, please do.


Can I lick you?

I would personally steer clear of L.A. Noire. I disliked it, it felt rather repetative and the story (only completed homicide for those wondering) made no sence what so ever. And those "oh so thats why he did that" kinda moments where aweful.

Gameplay: 3/10

Graphics: 9/10

Story: 2/10

personally portal 2 is your best choice there, its fun and can be played co-op, the story for both co op and singleplay is furnominal and nothing short of amazing, and the gameplay gives you many "ah thats hows its done" and rewarding feelings

I would say Fallout is the best of the ones I've played (which is uh... that and Portal 2) but you can get it for cheaper than 15.

Dark of the Moon is a good movie game, and a decent game in general, but it is a clone of War for Cybertron (both are made by the same guys). So if you're after some Transformers action get War for Cybertron as it has a lot more to offer.

I'd have trouble picking between the other three as they're great games. I'd probably have to go with Portal 2 though, for its change of pace, humour, story, gameplay and the co-op is great as well.

Thanks guys for the posts, I might tell my mate to sell fallout for even less. MJS, I also said off-topic things but however you carried on and derailed it off-topic. Portal 2 is a good game but only SP only, it may get boring  after a while.....

I would say go for Dirt 3, the game is great fun and it will take you maybe around 25 hours to do all the races.