Cant connect to EA servers because cant your data to EAS FC server or anything like that.

Sticky this if possible, a lot of people were having issues with Ea games recently. Fixes those issues.



There is a way to resolve this issue  by yourself. The fix for this issue is pretty simple, all you need is a pc. This fix will work if you older than 16 years old on the xbox 360/one.


Register a origin account a new account if you dont have one: on top register if you are 16 years old or older.


Then do this, either one of those will do.


Logging in to webpage! (specific to BF3 issue)

  1. Please go to webpage:
  2. Top right corner on the webpage you can sign in with your email. Please do so.
  3. When signed in, please click on the soldier picture on the top right corner.
  4. On the webpage choose FRIENDS
  5. It will give you an option to ADD FRIENDS and 3 solutions (Facebook, Xbox LIVE and Playstation network).
  6. Please click on the Xbox LIVE and another web window opens. Please click CONNECT to Xbox Live
  7. Enter your email and password
  8. Your EA account should be connected now with your Xbox Live account.

Downloading EA Origin program to your PC! (this option can be used with all other EA games if you have similar issue)

1. Setup an EA/Origin account if you don't already have one

2. Download the Origin Client (do this even if you don't PC Game!) / this can be found on the webpage when you sign in with your account.

3. Logon to the origin client with the account you setup. 

4. Click on the Friends button on the upper right hand side of the client window

5. Click on Add Friend or the small button at the bottom right of the pane that has the person icon with a + sign next to it

6. On the left side of the screen under Import Friends there is an Xbox Live emblem/PSN logo etc, click connect

7. Enter your email and pw.

At this point your Xbox Live Gamertag should be linked to your EA/Origin Account. You have to have already an EA/Origin account to complete those steps. You can also add any Xbox friends who also use Origin from here.



Now restart your console whatever it is. Then play the game.


Or you can request Ea to assist you per chat/call. Dont know if this helps you.


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