Cant buy dlc

So this is how you treat your loyal customers? I spend a bunch of money to try and buy the season pass for Arkham Knight and when I go to buy it, your stupid system says I cant buy DLC. So I follow the instructions and it shows me something I never did and it says I can only get free content and then it says that I need an adult despite having unrestricted access and to top it all off, I go to sign into my parent account and it tells me everything is wrong or doesnt exist, so I try to recover BUT YOUR *** *** PROVE YOURE NOT A ROBOT *** SAYS EVERYTHING I INPUT IS INCORRECT AND THEN I CANT EVEN ACCESS MY *** PARENT ACCOUNT AT ALL. So after all of that I am now here, begging and pleading to just be able to download this Season Pass because I am a loyal customer and I dropped a lot of money here 


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No one from MS checks this section of the forums.  You'll have to phone Support and see if they can assist you.

Get one of your parents to sign in into their accounts and have them to change your account. If that idea don't work neither, then I hope this doesn't make you wanna switch over to the PS4 just because you can't buy the season pass.

BTW I have the same problem in the past (only able to get free content), so I signed in to my dad's account to edit my account, now I'm able to buy anything I want.

If your account is a child account your gonna need to ask your parents to authorise the payment. The games classification rating is probably preventing you.