Cannot get any sound from my Turtle Beach X12 Headset


I cannot seem to get any sound from my Turtle Beach X12 headset. I have followed the instructions for HDMI use with my PHAT XBOX arcade.

Do you need to use the AV component also? There is a page of instructions using a HDMI cable and a audio adapter cable but there is also a page called alternate HDMI setup which says you just use the HDMI cable and plug the red and white cable in your tv. I am using the alternate method as I don't have an audio adaptor cable.

I cannot get any sound from the headset. The sound comes out of the TV. I have changed the settings on the Xbox to play through headset.

Can anyone help please. I have looked on Youtube and people are saying to strip the plastic of your AV cable so the HDMI cable and the AV cable can fit.

In the Turtle Beach instructions it says both will fit anyway, but it also says you can just use an HDMI cable.



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I have bought a Xbox 360 audio adaptor cable to see if that sorts it out.

A lot of folk have had problems using the X12`s.

Using an xbox audio adapter WILL cure the problem as the audio signal is direct from the console to the headset. The HDMI is purely used for the video signal with that particular setup.

I've never understood why they put that plastic piece on the A/V cables in the first place. My only thoughts are that they do it so they can sell you another accessory.

I have the wired X12's not sure if theres a wireless version but when I hooked it up  I putt the red and white in the Tv, and plugged the green in then lastly I connected my chat part to the controller. They work great. I found out that turning your tv down to mute volume helps reduce the static from the Mic part if you all get any.

If you are using the AV cables it shouldn't be a problem without an audio adapter. I haven't attempted to use the HDMI cable + audio adapter combo because I never bought it. Your problem might be in the way you have it going to your TV. My suggestion would be to use your AV cables and give it a shot. Also, it doesn't require you to use the headphones setting so take that off also try messing with the little adjuster box on the headset wire. it has options for gaming and chat volume plus the ability to mute your mic.