Cannot be heard in xbox party or xbox voice messages

Hi, Hoping that someone can help. Last night my son thought that his Turtlebeach headset had broken because his friends couldn't hear him in the xbox party. His voice was also not recording if he tried to send a voice message.
I was going to email Turtlebeach this morning but decided to plug the Kinect in so that he could at least chat in the meantime.
Anyway, plugged Kinect in and the same thing is happening. It is not picking up his voice. 

We have tried all the obvious such as...................
Checked the account settings, chat settings, console settings etc.
Re-configured the Kinect and tested the voice bit.
Turned router off and on again. 
Restarted Xbox.
Checked network settings and ran the Xbox live connection test.

The frustrating part is that the kinect can hear us. We can use the voice command to say 'Xbox' 'Bing' etc and it works fine but as soon as we try to join a party, private chat or send a voice message- nothing! Driving me insane now!! lol

Thank you for reading and hoping that someone can help :-) 



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