cannot apply to be ambassador

hello.i have 1.560 I passd it from 4 days it still says that.X you must have 1.500 or more to join this specialization.any post will help thanks


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will is there I think that I can do to help this problem or what?

I got removed about 2 years ago from the program and yet i still get emails from them about meet ups etc

I used to think they should make it more difficult for people to become ambassadors like a longer running gold tenure etc but now I don't mind. Anyone has the right to volunteer their time helping people in the support forums or chat help.

If people want to help let them. It might give ambassadors a black eye from time to time but there is no shortage of people looking for help. So far I have 1518 assists. That's a lot of time I've put aside to help so the more that want to do it, the better. Like I said there are no shortages of people lining up for help. Who am I to judge who should or shouldn't help.

Sometimes ambassadors can be rude here and even myself from time to time. We're human, not robots. As long as you're not always like that or over the top I don't see an issue.

Having said all that I think it should be easier to get kicked out of the program. Give everyone a chance but if they get out of hand, remove them. I have seen some really bad ambassadors.


It should be a minimum of 15000 GS to become eligible to even apply to become ambassador

Of course you're not....


Really? I think most people here will agree that although they may not agree with my views on the Xbox that I'm definitely not rude or insulting.

From your posts seems you're an "ambassador",too.

Xbox Ambassadors are supposed to be knowledgeable and help people? I thought they were the rude, insulting, stereotypical fanboys that were simply here to add comic relief to the forums. You learn something new everyday.

Wow we so need another minecraft playing ambassador kid

Is that all you need to be an ambassador? Kind of explains why 80% of ambassadors don't seem to know the slightest thing about xbox.

Before I get jumped on, I'm talking about the ones that come here for the first time and ask questions about the Xbox that even my mother would know.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.