cancellation of gold (kind of mad)

ok so i know my gold was to be canelled in february and i was going to renew but have a problem with that because of my cahspay card and no gold cards for sale in store anymore. but what made me a bit mad is that they cancelled it a few hours before feb one. i felt like they just didnt wanted me to get a chance to even download the free game this month. i love microsoft and have always supported them but now i feel i dont want to renew over such a act until i calm down about it. i got other important things to do anyways and this might not be a big deal but i just needed to vent. thanks for reading.


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Sorry for some of the misspelling this phone just sucks.

[quote user="HUNTERHECTOR"]and no gold cards for sale in store anymore.[/quote]



I think they done this because their servers on their time zone it reached at midnight. Then, had your timezone a few hours back.

Plenty of on-line retailers that do codes for XBL Gold.

Are you serious?

I just bought a gold card last week lol.

Yeah, their Xbox Live servers run on UTC time zone, which is set 5 hours ahead of EST.  So midnight in the system happens at 7:00pm EST.  It should bump back up to 8:00pm EST when Daylight Savings Time kicks back in.  But yeah, that has caught me off guard before, too.  Just plan ahead by marking on your calendar the day BEFORE the date it shows on your account.

maybe the area that this person lives in and the only store he has access to doesn't sell the cards, and also did anyone even think to themselves that this person may not have a credit card or visa debit card , think about these things first before commenting,

also just because the item is so readily available in your area does not translate to every single area having the same availability, its easy enough to say oh why don't you buy online easier said than done for some

In areas where the prepaid cards are, for some reason, not readily available, online purchase might be more recommended. sells prepaid Gold membership codes (online digital option) which can be redeemed immediately after purchasing.  But you will need a form of online payment for that, such as debit or credit card, or PayPal.  Also, if this is helpful, Gold memberships stack up to 36 months maximum, so if your access to them is limited, you may want to buy 2 or 3 at a time, especially if they're on an awesome discount.