Can't sync existing Minecraft worlds

As most of you already know from another thread, I recently got a new XB1 for my birthday (and if you didn't, well, now you know). So far it's great with the small caveat that I have to reinstall nearly all of my games, despite already having them installed and up to date on an external. Minecraft XB1E, however, seems to be in a world all its own - for some reason, the game didn't need to reinstall/update, but I can't access my previously saved worlds from my brother's XB1. They appear on the main menu, but whenever I try to load it, I get a message saying that it needs to be synced before playing. I let it sync, but unlike when a game gets a mini-update and syncs, this is incredibly slow. I can wait upwards of 30 min. and it never finishes. I keep getting an error message saying that it was unable to finish. Since it can't finish, I can't access my previously saved worlds. The highest I've been able to get it to is 95%.

Any idea why it does this or how I can get it to fully sync properly?


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Help please... It's still doing it!

Another Minecraft thread to keep on the front page! Just kidding.

Hey Geek, I had this issue late last year and so did lots of people. Well unlike X360, with X1, your game saves directly to XBL servers (since there are like 300,000+ of them compared to the 15,000 mere worldwide X360 has). I would suggest googling for an answer. It most likely an issue on Microsoft's end, but fear not, Microsoft backs up everything on XBL. Just like when XBL is having issues (XBL status) and sometimes your Gamerscore or friends list say "0". Try resetting your console and internet router, leave it off for at least a few minutes to clear the cache or thingy, if it doesn't work, try the following day or next week. usually it will resolve itself over a short time as I too!! have experienced it. The Dashboard says syncing, 1....2....99%.... unable to [puts hands on head in frustration]. I would also recommend you create fresh new worlds rather than transfer worlds from Xbox 360 unless your allergic to or no longer have, a 360 console. But you can transfer if you want. I was thinking that may game saves were corrupted, but I can load my X1 worlds fine now. The issue probably occurred when XBL came under ddos attack or had an XBL status alert, that could explain it. I'm not sure Microsoft would run a console if it was easy for game saves to become corrupted. Maybe try back today or next week, you should be able to get it working again.

I guess it would be a server issue rather than software. Even though I hate Windows 8, Windows 10 comes out in a few days, and I can confidently say navigating the X1 UI is now faster than navigating the X360 UI, even with the controller. I don't think Microsoft would make a console if it was easy for game saves to be corrupted. Your console runs on Microsoft software technology. I would wait a few days Geek as this issue should resolve itself.