Can't Sign In

Thanks to the security proofs, I can't sign into my main account. Before, there was an option to cancel and just continue on into Xbox Live, but now the cancel button is gone. I am forced to try and put in my email and password. I don't know my password, or the answer to the secret question. Don't link me to the 'Forgot Password?' page. I've been trying for years, with no success.

My account has two debit cards on it. If I called Xbox Support and listed my card number, would I be able to get my password? I was suspended for removing one of my debit cards while auto renew was on in 2011. To get unsuspended, I proved the account was mine by adding another card onto the account and listing the numbers. Would this work in getting me my password? I could also prove the account is mine by recording my TV, but I doubt that would be accepted, even though it would still be proof.
I can't even play offline. My Xbox has effectively become a fancy brick thanks to the forced security proofs.


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