can't play RYSE (single player) because of live! issues

I want to play Ryse (single player campaign), but this friggin' console won't let me, because it wants to download a patch, which it can't because of some live! issues. (AGAIN !!!!)

How friggin idiotic is this whole concept?

Even by forcing this whole thing to be offline by pulling the LAN cable, this *** game won't boot up (getting the artwork fullscreen, after some seconds it throws me back to the Dashboard)

In all honesty, I have been a true XBOX-fan (live! member for 10 years now, houndreds of XBOX and XBOX360 games) but I can't take this anymore.

This console is the worst pile of junk I've owned in my whole 30 year gamer-career.

I can't believe, that the biggest software company puts out such a ridiculously *** product.

I paid a hefty sum of money and all I want to do is to play a single player game, and it just doesn't let me do it.
The team behind this garbage must be the most idiotic crew of people. Sorry to say such a thing, but just look at this ***.


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