Can't Obtain IP Address from your modem AND Can't connect to your modem using a Static IP PLEASE HELP!

I just got Comcast Xfinity this morning and I've been trying to connect my xbox to the wireless connection all day but I can't!


First of all, the connection sometimes shows up on the wireless networks on my xbox, but then it disappears for a long time

So I tried to manually enter all the information, but I get the error message: Can't Obtain IP address.

So I tried a static, but I got the message: Can't connect to your network using a Static IP


I tried adding my xbox's MAC address to see if my modem was blocking it, but on my modem page it says " device must be out of dhcp range" or something like that.

I really don't know what to do. PLEASE Help me, I want to get on LIVE :(


p.s- I checked and the mode is running b g n for wireless


What else can I do?!


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