Can't Install Game

Looking for some help here, A few days ago I was going to play Fifa 11 put the disk in but it wouldn't read it, There is not a single mark or scratch on the disk so don't know what the problem was, I then got it to work so I tried to install it on my hard drive so I wouldn't here the noise of the game spinning which is quite loud on a arcade 360, Could it be a problem with dust lying inside the 360??


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Cheers will give these a try.

Does your Arcade 360 have enough space to save your game?


It may not have enough space to save the game from disk.


With EA games when the disk is unreadable it's often (but not always) a corrupt save.


Happened to me on one of their NHL ones.


Check the disk space first and if you suspect it's a corrupt save you can always delete your data and re-start.


Hope that helps.



it could be an issue like with my 360 I have a second hand 120GB hard drive on it thats not exactly in the best condition so its slightly slow on loading stuff. Basically go to install the game, go off the game menu wait 5 minutes go back on and by then it will have figured out how much space is left and let you install the thing.