Can't get 1080p out of my xbox one

So I've hooked up my xbox one to my Mitsubishi screen tells me its running at 720p. Its linked to it by hdmi cable.

Meanwhile I have my xbox 360 hooked up to another hdmi port and when I select that to view it says its at 1080p.

Also have other items hooked up through component inputs and their at 1080p.

I've tried settings under the xbox one and if I choose HDMI over HDMI(auto) I get the 1080 p choice but it doesn't display..

What gives. Any suggestions. Help


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This should help.

go to settings and change the output.

A review for your TV states that it does not accept 1080p over HDMI, just 1080i, 720p, and 480i/p. The manual for your TV states the same thing, and states that HDMI 1 does not accept input from a PC. I would try switching the inputs on your TV around to see what happens with the 360 and the Xbox One.

IceStorm III

I misspoke i am getting 1080i from xbox 360 and satellite. That is correct. So one can't get 1080i from xbox one?

By the way even tried to attach xbox one through component and got 720P. Tired both HDMI and 720 on each.

In essence it sounds like I need to upgrade my tv if I want 1080p. Correct?

Unless MS changes the system, that's correct. Currently, the Xbox One only supports 1080p and 720p, and apparently a 480p fallback option. MS updating a console to support alternate resolutions is not unheard of. They added 16:10 support to the 360 with an update.

You're better off with 720p on that TV. You'll get 720p60, whereas 1080i is probably limited to an effective 30 frames/sec (60 fields/sec is effectively 30 frames/sec).

I'm having the same problem with my tv. Except my Xbox 360 is running at 1080p but my Xbox one will not I don't know why???

Just jump ship to the PS4 like I did bro! 1080P like crazy over here

^ Oh look at this guy ^  what a joke.  If you read the posts above his TV  is only capable of 1080i.  ID 10 Tango ^

Hello I have the same problem and my tv is a Phillips 50pfp5332d/37 it's a 50 inch plasma and it does 1080p on other things