Can't find SkyDrive app on Dashboard

According to reports, Microsoft has released the SkyDrive app for Xbox 360 which allows you to watch pictures and videos (and possibly stream music) from your SkyDrive cloud storage. This is all very good, the only problem is I can't find the app on the Dashboard. According to official news the app is available in every Xbox LIVE region. However, I can't see it, although there is already a video review of it on YouTube, so it must have been released.

My question is, can you find the SkyDrive app, and if so what region are you in?


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I can't find it either.  Perhaps it's only been released in the United States thus far?  According to Major Nelson's blog:

That link does state that the new apps coming are from now until spring 2013.  SkyDrive is on that list.

Yeah, but the official SkyDrive blog says that the app is released today, and Major Nelson's blog says all regions. I don't see why it should be only a US release since SkyDrive is available everywhere. I hope it's just a rollout issue and tomorrow we'll all get it. However, I'd love to see an official response from Microsoft. Surely a lot of users in the UK and Europe would be upset because of this. Or maybe not... Who knows.

If you could stream from it that would be very handy, as I have 25gb of space on my Skydrive account.

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If you could stream from it that would be very handy, as I have 25gb of space on my Skydrive account.[/quote]

I would be very disappointed if it doesn't. The official SkyDrive Apps on my iPad and my Android phone can stream both music and video, so I should say the Xbox app should be able to do the same.

OK, now it's available for me. Check your Dashboard, it should be there now.

SkyDrive was showing up under Social for me last night. Today it's showing up under Featured and Social. Social is a tab with no See All option.


SkyDrive does NOT show up if you do a search of all apps, so yeah... that makes no sense. It also means finding Crunchyroll will be a PITA when it is finally released.