Can't connect to XBOX Live, tried everything in Wizard.

As above, my xbox has just recently decided not to bother connecting to xbox live anymore. This really irks me seeing as I am only 6 months in to a 12 month membership.

I have ran through all the steps in the online troubleshooter, even making changes to my router which I'm a bit worried may now be causing more harm than good.

I'm not massively adept at these sorts of things but I know enough to have followed the help wizard to the last detail and still nothing is working for me.

Here is the following information, as directed:

What Country/State/Province do you live in? Scotland
Modem brand & model number: N/A
Router brand & model number: Netgear DG934G
Network Connection Type: Wireless
If Wireless, what type of encryption are you using? N/A
If Wireless, are you using a white or black external adapter, or an internal (Xbox 360S) adapter? XBOX 360S
Things you have tried: Setting my router's DHCP, MAC filtering, DNZ settings. Turning UPnP off.
Is UPnP Enabled? No
Is NAT Type Open? No idea
Any Error Codes you encounter: .
What type of internet do you have? DSL
Who is your ISP(Internet Service Provider)? Sky
After you run "Test Xbox LIVE connection" and click on "More info", what is the exact message shown on screen? Can't connect to your wireless network. Make sure you're connecting to the correct wireless network.

If someone who has knowledge of this I would very much appreciate your help. Like I say my connections have been running fine up until yesterday and now it just doesn't seem to want to connect.



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