Can't connect to xbox games on pc.

I looked through the forms and couldn't find the correct spot to put this question. I have a computer which is currently running windows 8, I have my other account which is banned hooked up to the computer. 

I downloaded Fable3 through steam yesterday and tried to play it, only to end up with a black screen and a cursor. I looked into the problem and many others said i had to connect to the 'Games for Windows Live'. I attempted to connect to the xbox games, and with no luck had gotten a white screen which i have come to the conclusion is the new terms & agreements. With a banned account you cannot accept the terms or even get them to pop up. 

Is there any way I can change the email my account is connected to? I need to get it off of my banned account and onto a new account so i can at least connect to xbox live.  I have tried adding an alias, all that it does is forward your mail and all contacts. 

If anyone has pointers on how to add a new email address that would be great.


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