Can't connect to Internet on XBOX 360

I am extremely new to Xbox. I have a second hand console (first gen I believe) with a Microsoft Wireless Adapter. Since I got the adapter I've been having minor issues with running netflix (but pretty sure it's just my internet). 

I fell asleep with netflix running last night and woke up this morning disconnected. I now cannot even get my console to connect to the internet. I've been looking through forums and trying solutions for a few hours now and still nothing. 

Here's what i've tried:

- Deleted my profile & cleared cache 3 times

- changed DNS settings from manual to automatic a few different times

- powercycled my modem/router (shaw) many times

- restored my default network settings over and over

- switched networks (we have three including an extended connection which is what I was on last night, a primary and a guest)

- checked to see if the other xbox's in the house work (we have 3, the one right next to the router is fine, the other in the upstairs room next to mine also cannot connect and gets the error message with 904 at the end (which is also one of the ones I was getting this morning)

- Finally I reformatted the HD just in case (since I hadn't gotten too deep with any content)

It is showing DNS related errors when it suggests how to fix it but nothing I'm trying is working and I've had a rough day as it is so I'm just kind of giving up. I'm reasonably computer savvy so this is frustrating and I'm unsure what to try next. Any help would be appreciated. I've seen error reports on some of the forums but I'm unsure where to look for the info so I'd need some guidance on that. 


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