Can't connect to a friend's xbox live party/Both have open NAT types

So I live in an apartment complex, and do not have access to a modem.  I originally was just running a ethernet cord from a port in the wall to my xbox to connect, but always had either a strict or moderate nat type.  Since then, I have bought a router in an attempt to get past any firewall that might be blocking me.  I went straight to setting up my xbox with a static ip that i put as my router's dmz.  This didn't change a thing, so I attempted to open up the ports suggested by the Xbox internet page, which didn't either.  I then went on to try enabling the UPnP on my router, which has opened my NAT type.  I was able to connect to my friend on a regular basis for awhile, but since then, we rarely can connect, even though we both have open NAT types.  Resetting routers doesn't change a thing, so I was just curious what our next step might be, or if not having access to a modem will be a major roadblock.


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