Can't add "New Jersey" to location on profile.

Tried to edit my profile and put New Jersey in the location section and it says "violates the terms of service"...?

Can anyone help me out, or tell me why this is even happening?


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That's freaky. It's the word "Jersey" doing it. I tried Texas, Rhode Island, and New York. All three worked without issues. Just putting "Jersey" in the box is enough, though. Maybe MTV ruined it for everyone else?

That's worth PMing a Support person over when they're around (9am-5pm Pacific time Mon-Fri).

Haha really? That's pretty funny that they did that. It is even funnier because I am in PA and we love to poke fun at Jersey.

Well, the Tweet Fleet's at a loss...

Don't start about the rivalry between NJ and PA. There are plenty of terms people in the Tri State area (by which I mean NY/NJ/CT) have for people in PA.

I'm in NY... We poke fun at NJ all the time (especially about the drivers & the smell), but I've never really heard any PA jokes.

Just put NJ.

hey, keep Pennsylvania outta this!

I have the same issue putting Go Canada Go! I have no idea why they've chosen to ban things like this and yet with a few xxx's in a name you can have a gamertag with profanity.