Can you stream files from PC to Xbox one like with the 360?

Is it still possible? Because if it is I haven't been able to figure it out. That was definitely one of my most used features of my 360 was streaming my music and movies on my computer through the 360s video player. I'm going to be really bummed if you can't do it at all for the X1

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I just posted this to other thread:

You can also use a Windows 7 computer, I believe it works with the "PlayTo"-feature. I think nowadays with the Xbox Music metro-app you would open the Charms-bar from the right and from the "Devices" tab there should be an option for it.


In Windows Media Player I have this "Play in a device.." (translated, not sure what it says in english) that I figure would do the same thing if you had Xbox One somehow added as a device to the PC.


I dont have X1 myself yet, so can'y confirm how it actually works, but they do indeed say that "PlayTo" works.


Hope this helps, however I do know that X1 can not function as Media Center Extender if that is how you did it with 360. I feel they are gonna improve the "non-extender" streaming features in the future to provide a better alternative.

Is playto and app? Cuz if so it's not available on x1. On 360 I didn't need any program or app to stream stuff i already had it all set up. Just tying to find a way for x1

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