Can you redeem more than 1 Code for gold packs on fifa 12?

I got the special edition on fifa, if i buy another code on ebay for ultimate edition gold packs, will I get an addition 4 packs on my current 3 per month, it will It just cancel out, thanks.


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misuse? how? its not like im cheating, how am i not entitled to it if i buy it off someone who is?

Cos this guy just likes making diggs at me, whether its a simple question or not. he likes to for no reason. thanks for your answer thats all i was looking for.

Using the awesome thing that is google I found that you can only redeem one code for free packs per account. As a solution you can redeem a second code on a different account and simply transfer the crap over from said account to your main account.

Lol @ silver tramp, seriously? 

He answered your question and you gave him attitude. Anyone can buy Xbox Live, doesn't make them less of an immature kid.


Well, I would have thought if it was a code from a limited edition version of the game then it would have been a one time deal per account. Considering how easy it is to earn coins to buy the packs both in the game and from using the Trade/Auction side of the Fifa Webstite...are you really that desperate to cheat your way into a better team?

The spirit of Fred Perry is lost on you kid lol

Except it wasnt a dig, it was a legit question based on the fact you wanted to misuse the system to get something you are not entitled to for an advantage over other people playing the game the right way. But as stated, Google is a good suggestion for finding out such things in future Mr Terror

You are not entitled to it because you have already redeemed a code and received the advantage that has given you. you are prepared to actually buy the same code off someone else just to milk that advantage...just play the game normally, trade cards, win matches with your team for more coins, buy more packs legitly. If you havent already, I really advise using the Ultimate Team on the Fifa website to trade off your unwanted cards and pick up new cards..honestly, you use the site and you will grab real bargains...thats how I did it on Fifa 11