Can you get banned for this on FIFA Ultimate Team?

If you have 2 accounts can you get banned if you keep making a new Ultimate Team on one account, discarding everything and transferring the coins to the other account via the trade market? 


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No cos iv done it on fifa 10 before and i didnt get banned.

Here's an idea... Play properly! *YAWN* Effin' idiots.

No you will not be banned for that. I have plenty of friends who play Fifa and do exactly what your doing.

I don't believe you will be banned but I wouldn't recommend doing it for two reasons. The first one is to be certain because EA might be policing it to some extent. The second is because it was never intended for someone to be able to do that, I don't think.

no you can`t get banned for that unless you were to go onto an xbox forum and tell everyone what your doing,you should be fine.

Why would you want to do this anyway? You get bronze players at the start so you'd only get 350-400 coins for discarding all of them, which is less than you'd get playing ONE match...

To scam, or not to scam, that is the question....