Can Xbox One function sitting at a desk/playing on a monitor?

I have always played my video games sitting at my desk with my consoles hooked up to a computer monitor... Can the Xbox One function in this environment and also at a low sound level?

By this I mean, with everything being integrated with Kinect, can the console function with the Kinect sitting at the base of a monitor about two-three feet away from me and with me using very few, if any, voice commands? 

Also can someone describe how much "movement" is involved with the games that heavily utilize Kinect?  I am in a wheelchair and can't do any movement at all apart from my upper body, which is the reason I never bought an Xbox One in the first place after being on 360 and Live from launch all the way through the GTA 5 launch last year... I just didn't know if it could work for me, but it has been out a while now and was curious if anyone could provide some insight?



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I sit at a desk with the Kinect sat directly in front of me, about 2 feet away, at the base of my iMac. Once, calibrated it works fine for recognising my face for sign in and I have no problem with voice commands. The only real issue is the "make sure the Kinect can see the floor" during the set up as the desk may get in the way but this isn't the end of the world.

Don't expect to be able to use the body gestures though. I don't think I've ever been able to effectively (probably because Kinect can't see the floor). You could probabley fix this by buying a Kinect wall or TV mount have having it at a higher point of view facing down. There aren't all that many Kinect only games and unless it says on the box, you will NEVER be forced to use Kinect. Just check the box before you buy but the only games that require it are things like Kinect Sports and Just Dance.

You won't have any problems with the monitor, providing your monitor has a hdmi port, and shouldn't have a problem with the sound on a kinect as it calibrates to your situation.

I would advice getting to a shop that has on you can test, that way you will know if it works for you.

You can use the XO without kinect, so you could always just take the bits you like and leave the ones you don't.

You should have absolutely no problem playing at a desk using a monitor. The xbox one is very quiet. Also don't dismiss the voice commands on the kinect. They are extremely useful for navigating around the X1. As far as movement goes. I'm not sure how well it will work being so close to it.

The core sort of games you'll find on the Xbox one have little to no kinect movement actions. If they implement it, its mainly swiping of hands or shaking the controller (as is the case in Dead Rising 3). The voice recognition is used more frequently, but even then, outside of a game such as Kinect Sports, controls are duplicated to the controller. I find I rarely use Kinect interaction whilst gaming, even though its hooked up 24/7.