Can we get a show of hands for faulty Left Sticks?

I've never had an issue with a 360 controller, but I've already had an issue with the One controller. I play plenty of FPSs, so that left analog stick is going to be jammed forward....a lot. What is the result of this? For the 360 controllers, nothing. But for the Xbox One controller, I've noticed that it gets stuck/locked forward whenever I am sprinting, making overall movement uncomfortable. Looking into this further, I've noticed a clear incision across where the analog stick plastic meets the outer ring boundary, suggesting that the plastic itself is being cut.

This has already nearly ruined my first controller, and is starting to take effect on my new controller. So far, I've taken care of my controller by removing dust with cotton swabs, just to make sure that they aren't being harmed by dust. Besides this, I don't know what to do to stop the cuts from occurring.

Has anyone else discovered a similar problem, or am I doing something wrong/getting unlucky?


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