Can the Xbox reset code erase all hard drive memory?

Hello I was wondering if the Xbox factory reset code could erase everything on the Xbox if done a certain amount of times. Thanks. ~AwesomeNinja TM

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No. It will only delete game updates.

Well if You factory reset it restore it back the way it was b4 it left the factory. So i'll disagree with the above user it will wipe everything off prior to leaving the factory. Did it to my ps3 and it was like as if it was fresh out the box prompt to connect controller,select lango you know when you turn it on For the first time.

No it wont the reset code does not delete harddrive information only updates for games

the only way to remove everything is to format your hard drive on the 360

Or if you don't have a hdd factory reset will erase everything or am i confuse, maybe not for the xbox but computers and would-not

360 s that come w/o a hdd has a built in memory card tat store game saves

erm no they dont