Can someone please tell me

other than Microsoft being typically greedy people why do I have to have Xbox Live Gold to watch 4od and Netflix?


Sony and others don't charge extra to use these services.


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with all the adverts they throw at us we shouldn't have to pay for gold at all. This may have solved the Xbox1 or PS4 problem for me.


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LEG x hey there :)

Firstly, I have edited your posts due to you using profane language in each post. This is a violation of the forum guidelines. Please review them so that you know what is (and is not) deemed as acceptable behaviour. Thank you.


Secondly, the service is one you have the choice in committing to. If you are unhappy with the way the service works, my advice would be to post in the feedback forums. At the bottom line, you have the choice on whether or not you want to purchase a subscription.


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You have already answered your question... Greediness and anti consumer.  

They do so in order to add value to the Gold subscription, to make it attractive to those who may not play online.

You should also be asking this question to the companies such as Netflix. Do you really think if they had said "we want our service to be available to Silver members or we withdraw from your systems." that Microsoft would have let them go.

I wonder how much of a cut of the Gold sub they are getting.

Its greed,

I'm a sure fair few remember Microsoft a few years ago making a big deal of BBC iPlayer coming to XBOX360.

Then Microsoft found out it would have to be made available to Silver members as at the time BBC policy meant none of there content could be put behind a paywall. So iPlayer was dropped.

For those that don't remember...(from 2009) At the time Microsoft point blank refused to allow BBC iPlayer to allow full access to silver members of xboxlive.

If the "Greediest Thing" that Microsoft want to do is charge Silver Members for the entertainment peripherals I'd happily trade that against paying twice for games because of held back content classed as "DLC".

No wonder PS4 is kicking their backsides


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It depends what you want your console for.

If you want to troll the Forums and boast about screen resolution and FPS then the PS 4 is the way to go.

If you want to boast about better exclusives and more Next Gen Games then XBox ONE is King of the Castle.

I have an XB1 and no marks on my backside

I guess it hasn't been kicked then...


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