Can someone please explain to us why headsets are ceasing to function for no apparent reason?

I'm not even trying to come foul toward Microsoft, but it is seriously sad that nobody - NOBODY - that I've spoken to through Support knows what the problem is. Like many others on the forum, my headset picks up the sound of others but refuses to pick up audio on my end, be it in party chat or in-game chat. I've tried literally everything that you could find on the web and continue to retry them in hopes of getting my headset to work again but alas, I'm left with nothing. Just this earpiece that can't even serve as a paperweight.

  • What I've tried (and before I go on: yes, my headset is on)
  • Restored system to factory default
  • Cleaned out connection on headset and controller
  • Manually signed out and back in with the headset plugged in
  • Checked all of the privacy settings on the console
  • Changed the port forwarding to my Xbox
  • Updated the controller firmware
  • Made sure the console was up-to-date
  • Hard reset my console
  • Clarified that I was NOT banned from communications on Xbox Live
  • Used multiple controller and multiple headset combinations, all which yielded the same results, all which are handled with care
  • Another thing I've noticed since this happened, my headset doesn't make the little 'pop' noise that it used to when you plugged in the headset. That would lead me to believe it is a headset problem, but why wouldn't other headsets work on the other controllers either?
  • As it stands, everything is still under warranty but what happens when I send it in? What if they send it back and it isn't fixed? What if they do fix it only for the problem to occur again outside of warranty?

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