Can someone explain to me what is going on with next gen headsets/sound quality?

I currently have TB x41s.  I pre-ordered the headset adapter which said it was to be released today.....I really want to purchase Astro A50's, but I am confused about the stereo limitations on the xbox one.

  • What is the difference between Dolby Digital 7.1 and stereo headphones?  I read that we are limited to stereo quality at this point.
  • Is dolby digital something that they could patch into the system later on? 
  • Is it even worth buying a top of the line headset if sound quality is going to be limited to stereo?

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All I know is, my spliced headset adaptor I made from the included headset is going to work fine for me until true wireless headset options come out (no wires between headset and controller)...

Dolby will be patched on later, so I heard. I'm not sure why the didn't add this feature for the March update since they are implementing the use of other head sets.

Hold off on to the astros they are an amazing headset but the xbox one doesn't have the dolby support something tells me there is something fishy going on with that.

Astro headsets produce 5.1 and 7.1 i know as i got the A-40' and on ghosts i can soundwhore like a bugger as for the adaptor its out 14th march u cant use it till the march update is out though

Delay after delay that's what's going on! Can't wait to get my already paid for X07

You're telling me the chat adapter isn't going to be out in time for the online multiplayer only console seller....Titanfall?  What a fail.  The lack of headset has been my only issue with the xbox one.  We already had it on in the heck does a next gen console that has been in development for years not have a simple basic thing that we had on the last gen???  and such an important feature.  Rage.

Its out the same day so 11th in the US so no not a fail