can someone comfirm this for me


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I can 100% confirm this isn't true and how I know this?

Because I purchased Playstation and Xbox and will be releasing a new console next month called ...


It plays Xbox One/PS4 games all upscalled to 4k and beyond


yh i gathered it wasnt true anyways no way could sony even afford the xbox part

Because Microsoft would sell Xbox to Sony of all companies.

It's profitable and a good way to connect to the community. Also, why make a new Xbox boss and prep an E3 briefing, then sell out to Sony?

It's such a ridiculous notion.

Go home, you're drunk!

I don't think Sony would wanna waste their time with a miserable, failing console (The XBox One) when they already have a great money maker, and a beast console. (The PS4)

they need profit there in debt big time

Correct Messiah.

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Amusing site but best not to start the rumor train.

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