Can Resident Evil 4 HD be played from a flash drive?

I am planning on DL'ing RE4 later today.  However, I go back and forth from my den to the living room for gaming and I keep my GT on a flash drive.  I was wondering if when I DL RE4 today I should (or could) do it straight to my flash drive...unless there is a problem with doing it that way.

If need be I will DL it to my main 360 and move it back and forth depending upon where I game, but that is a bit of a hassle.

Thank you in advance for your responses.


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FYI: There's a thread in general gaming that claims RE4 HD is not actually in HD. Just something to consider. I haven't looked into it personally, because I look at RE4 as the begining of the franchise's demise, and couldn't be paid to DL it.

You can pick where you download to? Far as I know that option has never been restored. It'll download to your HDD. You can copy it to the flash drive.

Keep in mind you can download XBLA content to multiple consoles. You can keep copies of your DLC on more than one console, it's just that the first console you download to is the one that gets the console license. All the rest require you log into Live to use the content in anything more than trial mode.

Oh, Ice...thanks man.

I do that anyways with respect to every time I log into my 360 in the den.


Thanks again, Ice!