Can other profiles on my Xbox access my DLC from my main account?

I recently made another account on my Xbox, and I was wondering since I am using that one more than my first (and main) account, would my secondary account be able to access all the DLC that i downloaded on my main account? Both accounts are the same Xbox that i have now. 

A few examples of the DLC i have would be like left 4 dead dlc and battlefield 3 & 4 premium and such.

Since i bought those on my main account and both accounts are on the same console, even though i didn't necessarily buy the dlc on my second account would i still be able to access the DLC content since the dlc is on my console even though it is linked to my first account? Thanks for your time!


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Aslong as all your console content licenses are in place then any account on the console will be able to access the content

As long as you're on the same console as when you bought the games, the console licences Viral mentioned will allow any profile on that console to play the games/DLC without restriction.

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